Science VS Religion


Not true. For the vast majority of Christian history, scientific and religious views have not been at odds. Historians of science even suggest that the phenomenal progress of scientific knowledge in Europe from the 15th to the 19th centuries (something that didn't happen anywhere else in the world at the same level) may be due to that culture's deeply Christian world-view, which saw scientific exploration as a way of honouring God and His creation. The list of scientists who were also devout Christians is a long one: Nicolaus Copernicus, Johann Kepler, Blaise Pascal, Isaac Newton, Gregor Mendel to name a few of the more famous.


On the contrary, a lot of evidence is now being cited to show that science is proving the existence of God and might, at the same time, be disproving evolution. Many eminent scientists are now presenting verifiable data that questions the generally held world view of Darwinian evolution (ie that through a gradual, step by step, simple to complex process known as Natural Selection, all life forms currently on the planet have assembled themselves and gained genetic information that was not possessed by their ancestors). But at the tiniest level of living cells known to mankind, molecular biologists have discovered an integrated and irreducible complexity of systems that appear to effectively rule out any possibility that any living cell could have originated from the step by step, simple to complex process posited by Darwin. Consider, for example, the incredibly complex and amazingly efficient bacterial flagellum; its irreducibly complex design could not have originated from mindless, chance, nor could it have originated without all of its parts working together at the same time. If we remove any one of the essential parts of a machine, it won't work; therefore, irreducibly complex machines such as the bacterial flagellum can't have originated without all its essential parts being present at the same time. Darwin suggested otherwise, Darwin suggested that all life forms were reducible to a more primitive form in their prior evolution; his simple to complex outlook is now being seriously challenged because of the irreducible complexity of biological systems. Consider also, cilia; each cilium is composed of several proteins that must all be present for the system to function. Since the irreducibly complex cilium cannot have functional precursors, it cannot be produced by natural selection which requires a continuum of function to work. So, at the tiniest level of life, order and irreducibly complex design (that could not have occurred by chance) is pointing to an Intelligent Designer (Who is better known as God.)

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