How can you trust the Bible?

Because I've got no good reason to doubt the Bible. The Bible comes from the Church that was founded by Jesus Who is God, Who is Truth itself. The Bible is innocent until proven guilty. No science known to man has succeeded in discrediting the Bible in the areas of veracity, genuineness and integrity. To give a couple of examples, the earliest nearly complete text of any of the Gospels is the 'Papyrus Bodmer II' of John's Gospel, dated 200 AD which agrees with later texts. By contrast, works of the ancient Greeks and Romans, which are accepted without question, exist only in medieval copies. Thus we have an earlier copy of a Gospel than we have of any other text of the time. Whoever dismisses the New Testament must logically reject all written sources of ancient history and literature. All existing partial manuscripts and fragments, eg 4 verses of John (c. 125 AD); 19 verses of Matt (c. 200 AD); 12 chapters of John (c. 200 AD) etc correspond closely to the earliest complete NT manuscripts such as Codex Sinaiticus of the mid 4th century. As regards the Old Testament, in 1947 the Dead Sea Scrolls were unearthed. 200 of the 800 scrolls discovered were copies of almost every Old Testament book. Two near complete copies of Isaiah were found, their content is practically identical to the Isaiah we read in the Bible today. Isaiah was originally written circa 700 BC, the Qumran community that produced the Dead Sea Scrolls lived 2000 years ago. Such is spectacular evidence of the reliability of the text.

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