Reality is Black and White

How can you be so black and white about everything, reality is grey!

No, reality is ultimately black and white. Many problems that face us appear grey but they are not. Grey is basically black and white. We've got to go very close to the TV screen to realise this. We've got to go very close to the grey fabric of the grey sweater we're wearing to see ultimately that only black and white makes up grey. Sometimes we've got to get the microscope out, we've got to go microscopic to solve a moral dilemma, or to make a big life decision, but, Jesus promised us that He would not leave us (Matthew 28: 20). Hence, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we will always be guided into all truth (John 16: 13). This teaching has been guaranteed by God Himself. We are not living in Heaven, therefore we may sometimes be faced with only two options, both of which are evil. Jesus does not expect the impossible. The right answer will always be available for us at that terrible moment of decision; we must be open enough to trust Jesus to speak through the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church that He founded. Jesus' Church has laid down moral principles for just such eventualities. How could it be otherwise? The closer we come to the Light of Truth, the more clearly do we see the Way knowing that personal conscience should never oppose the Magisterium CCC 2039.

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