Why Not Condoms?


Condoms increase the risk of pre-clampsia by 140%, they are linked with birth defects, higher rates of spontaneous abortion and premature deliveries. Such evidence is now being used to show that condoms are potential abortifacients. Condoms have a significant failure rate as regards birth prevention. Genital warts (an incurable virus that increases the risk of cancer of the cervix and the penis), and chlamydia (a known cause of infertility, PID and ectopic pregnancy, that often does not show symptoms) are two of the most common Sexually Transmissible Diseases amongst sexually active teenagers. Both these diseases can still be caught whilst wearing a condom.


Before 1930 all Protestant denominations prohibited artificial contraception. Now, all approve of at least some of these un-Scriptural practices. Deuteronomy 25, verses 5 - 10 highlights the Levirate law. If a brother died, his younger brother would be compelled by this law to marry and have sexual relations with his dead brother's wife in order that the dead brother's name was not blotted out of Israel. The penalty for not fulfilling this obligation was the public humiliation of being spat upon and having a sandal pulled off by the dead brother's wife. Genesis 38: 9 - 10 tells of Onan who spilled his semen on the ground by withdrawing from his dead brother's wife (ie practising coitus interruptus) rather than fulfilling his Levirate law obligation. God slew Onan for spilling his seed. In Genesis, of the three people who failed to carry out their duties as directed by the Levirate law, only Onan was killed. Onan was not put to death because of the Levirate law. God slew Onan because he had intentionally spilled his seed on the ground. Anyone who uses a condom does the equivalent of Onan; the only difference is that the seminal fluid is intentionally spilled into latex rubber. Therefore, using condoms is a serious sin against God.


- "15% failure rate in protecting against STD's" - Centre for Disease Control, USA, Aug 2002

- "17.6% failure rate" " according to the pro-abortion Allan Guttmacher Institute, Apr 1999

- "Condoms for 'safe-sex' may actually help spread HIV" - The Lancet, UK, 2000

- "Monogamy not condoms is answer to AIDS" - UN Dept of Social Affairs, June 2002

- Condoms weaken in high temperatures but are not transported in climate-controlled vehicles

- Holes in the latex rubber of condoms can be up to 700 times larger than the HIV-1 virus

- Perfect condom use has a recognised failure-rate for pregnancy, often resulting in abortion

- Failure to properly apply condoms due to alcohol / drug abuse is very common among youth

- "26% condom failure rate due to slippage + breakage" " British Medical Journal, Nov 2000

- In Chile condom imports have soared but STDs have increased - El Mercurio,Jan 2003

- Condoms give no protection from the broken hearts and despair that result from promiscuity


Only the infallible Catholic Church has taught consistently of the intrinsic immorality of condom usage and all other forms of contraception. There is only one truth. The pillar and foundation of the truth is the Church (1 Timothy 3:15), the same Church that was founded by Jesus on the papacy (Matt 16:18). There is no Heaven in a condom; they offer a false sense of security.

Natural Family Planning is the only morally acceptable method of spacing children if it is practiced for serious and unselfish reasons within marriage. NFP is safe for both men and women and it is also very effective, but condoms have a 13% risk of pregnancy and a higher risk of STI's.

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* Please note that this text should be read in the context of the whole work and in recognition of the appropriate paragraphs of the Catechism of the Catholic Church highlighted in the index.