Evolution Summary


1) Evolution is all about the natural gaining of genetic information. Nowhere in the natural world do we see any species gaining genetic information that was not possessed by its ancestors. (sources: Wallace Johnson on Evolution & Gerard Keane)

2) Mutations prove that variation can only occur within species because wherever mutations occur, they always only occur within species. There is no evidence whatsoever of anything mutating into another species. Natural Selection does happen but it does not prove evolution. Natural selection is simply variation within kind, it does not produce a new species that has gained more genetic information than its parents.

3) Vestigial organs, such as the thymus gland, the appendix and the coccyx bone have all been found to have a purpose.

4) The human embryo does not re-enact the stages of its so-called past evolution. Ernst Haeckel proposed this idea but he was later discredited after it was proved that he faked photographs and falsified drawings in order to 'prove' his false theory.

5) There has never been found a fossil of something evolving into a man, an ape or a dinosaur. There has never been found a fossil of any intermediate creature that bridges the gap between species. No 'missing link' has ever been found. Even to the present day, the fossil record shows no evidence that evolution has happened. (S. J. Gould)

6) The horse series is artificial. It is composed of three distinct sections. Only the third section includes real horses. None of these horses have evolved. Each link in the horse series is isolated. Eohippus, the 'dawn horse', is not a horse at all, it's a Hyrax.

7) All of the so-called 'ape-men' have been false. Nebraska Man, Piltdown Man, Java Man, Peking Man were all frauds. Neanderthal Man was a real human, he walked upright, he buried his dead with ceremony, and he was a skilled craftsman. All the latest attempts at finding the 'missing link' have resulted in dead humans or dead apes being unearthed. No ape-man has ever been found.

8) Fossil graveyards, polystrate fossils and the position of fossils in sedimentary rock cannot be properly explained by uniformitarian geology. Much current evidence points to a cataclysmic flood having caused the geology that we see today.

9) Radioactive Dating is unreliable because it is based on far too many dubious assumptions: A) A closed system. But a closed system is not possible in the rocks where minerals in rocks are, in reality, subject to contamination, leaching, mixing and evaporation. B) Decay rates never vary. But decay rates do vary because cosmic radiation varies through variations in the Earth's magnetic field. C) Potassium decays into Argon 40. Since 1% of the Earth's atmosphere is Argon, and rocks easily absorb this gas, we cannot know how much Argon 40 has come by decay from potassium in the rock or from the atmosphere. We cannot know for sure the initial ratios of any isotopes in rocks. Mounting evidence suggests a young Earth. (John Woodmorrape)

10) Carbon-14 dating is unreliable beyond 3,000 years.

11) Archaeology shows that all the ancient civilizations had their high point of culture at the start. The story of civilised man starts relatively recently with a high culture with zones of descending culture radiating further out from the centre.

12) Feral children prove that humanity does not have, within its genes, the ability to raise itself upwards culturally. Man needs a teacher.

13) In genetics, DNA and protein molecules depend on each other for replication. Both would have to have been present at the beginning, yet evolution suggests one had to come first and this cannot be as both depend on each other from the beginning.

14) The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics says that natural processes always tend towards disorder; they move from orderliness to disorderliness. The simple never produces the more complex. Evolution requires the opposite. Evolution requires the simple to bring forth the complex. It requires jellyfish to eventually evolve into humans. But nowhere in the natural world do we see the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics being broken. Therefore, a fundamental law of physics contradicts the idea that evolution may have happened.

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