Why not Catholicism Contents

Adam and Eve and Science

Adam and Eve TRUE. Original Sin TRUE

Apparitions of the Catholic Church

Bible quotes for Non-Catholics

Capital Punishment

Catholicism VS Buddhism

Catholicism VS Hinduism

Catholicism VS Islam

Catholicism VS Judaism

Comparative Religions



Did Jesus Rise From the Dead? The Known Facts Prove it

Differences between Christians: Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox

Dodgy Popes


Evolution Summary



God Created Everything

God Fundamentals

Gods Existence


Has Catholicism changed it's Teachings?


How can you trust the Bible?


Is God Infinite?

Is God Made Up?

Is Life Worth Living?

Is the Church Corrupt?

Is the Church Necessary?

Jesus Founded Catholicism

Jesus is God

Jesus is God, the Alpha and the Omega


Mary - Ever Virgin


Missing Sunday Mass

Papal Infallibility



Reality is Black and White

Rich Church

Science VS Religion

Tell Me More About Your God

The Angelic Reality

The Bible and Patriarchs

The Cosmological Proof for God's Existence

The Crusades

The Early Church was Catholic

The Eucharist

The Order of God's Creation

The Problem Of Evil Has Been Solved

The Teleological Proof for God's Existence

The Trinity

True Religion

What about Condoms?

What about Heaven and Hell?

What about Pedophile Priests?

What about the Flood?

What about Viagra and IVF?

What are the Catholic Church's official teachings on Origins

What is Faith?

What is Holy Mass?

What is Wrong with Cloning?

What is Wrong With Sterilisation?

What's Wrong with Pantheism?

Why Believe in God

Why Celibate Priests

Why Confession?

Why Does it Make More Sense to Believe in God Than Not?

Why is NFP not the same as Contraception

Why is the World Not Overpopulated?

Why no Gay Marriage?

Why No Sex Before Marriage?

Why Not Abortion?

Why Not Condoms?

Why Not Divorce?

Why Not Euthanasia?

Why not even Greek Orthodox?

Why Not IVF?

Why Not Jehovahs Witnesses?

Why Not Masturbation?

Why not Mormonism?

Why Not New Age, Occult, Satanism?

Why not Reincarnation?

Why Not the Da Vinci Code

Why Not the Pill?

Why not the Protestant Bible

Why not Women Priests

Why Take the Risk? Flowchart to Sanity

Why Temptations, Masturbation and Sex Before Marriage?

Why the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin?

Why the Inquisition?

Why the Mass?

Why the Rosary?

Why Trust the Bible?