About Why not Catholicism

The Book

Why not Catholicism is a concise explanation of some of the teachings of the Catholic Church. Answering 'Big Questions' in a single page means that a lot of background material has to be omitted.

Why not Catholicism is is not an academic work, but rather a short answer to many questions regarding the Catholic Church.

With approval
+B J Hickey
Archbishop of Perth
19 July, 2004

This text should be read in the context of the whole work and in recognition of the appropriate paragraphs of the Catechism of the Catholic Church highlighted in the index

The Author

Paul Kelly, the author of Why not Catholicism, has a passion for Catholic apologetics. He is a Religious Education teacher in Australia. He spent 5 years writing the booklet to provide a short, direct way of answering some of the questions he receives about the Catholic Church.

Paul and his wife have four children.

The Web Creator

Patrick Laundy is a Catholic web developer and came up with the idea of putting Why not Catholicism online in July, 2010. He wanted a useful site which provided quick answers to big questions regarding the Catholic Church. In Feburary 2012 the site went mobile.

After obtaining permission from Paul, he instantly started on the project, and is always looking for ways to improve the site.

If you find any problems with the site or have any suggestions please contact Patrick.